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Re: GG: C major P & F, Book I or II?

From: Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu>

>I was very distressed when Mary Jo first mentioned this on the list
>because (a) the Book I p&f seems much more famous and fitting as you
>-- although GG's rendition is definitely one of his quirkier moments,
>and (b) Girard used the Book I prelude to end 32SF@GG, with a
>clearly implying (though, I admit, never actually stating) that it
>on Voyager.  Argh.  If you're not going to do Book I, why not go all
>way and use Contrapunctus I?  Or XIV :).

I think Girard used the Book I prelude because the Friederich
biography reported (wrongly) that the Book I prelude was the one
included on Voyager. But Girard seems to get most of the "blame" for
the error, probably because even people who read the biography
remember the movie scene before they would remember a brief mention in
a book.

Gee, I wonder if they included any Beatles songs on Voyager? Sorry,
couldn't resist!