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RE: GG: C major P & F, Book I or II?

> Gee, I wonder if they included any Beatles songs on Voyager? Sorry,
> couldn't resist!

Heh heh. I can't remember if they did. But there is an excellent book on the
subject, "Murmurs of Earth," which is I believe published by the Planetary
Society based in Pasadena, CA. A friend of mine had this largish trade
paperback book, and there was an accompanying CD (it may have been 2 CDs)
with the audio recordings from the Voyager disc. Carl Sagan headed the
committee to figure out what to put on the disc, and he founded the
Planetary Society, and I think he wrote the book, too, but I'm not sure. The
book describes the contents of the disc, how they were selected, and gives
information about the Voyager missions.

There were two Voyagers, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2. Voyager 2 was actually
launched before #1, but #1 took a more direct path and reached the planets
first. Voyager 1 studied Jupiter, then Saturn, and then after getting a
close look at Saturn's largest moon Titan, went on a trajectory out of the
ecliptic and into interstellar space. Voyager 2 studied Jupiter and Saturn
again, then visited Uranus. Unfortunately, the Uranus encounter happened at
about the same time as the Challenger explosion, so it didn't get anywhere
near the coverage it deserved. It then took a look at Neptune and proceeded
out of the solar system as well.