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More Gould "Content" Online

Fellow F_Minors,

I have a found a very useful site that, despite its unfortunate name of
"Contentville," may be of interest to those of you who just can't get
enough reading material on Glenn Gould or if, like me, you are doing
research on him.

A search of the nearly 2000 publications they review yielded 69 articles
and music critiques on Gould available for immediate download at $2.95.
Not all of comparable value, but impressive in scope and range, from The
Economist to Maclean's to Twin Cities Reader. In other words, more than
just the usual suspects, the NYT and other mass market publications of
record. And, to my surprise, the search engine spat out 9 purchasable
dissertations and theses on the topic of Gould.

It would seem that the virtual reference library has moved one step
closer to reality.

You'll find it at http://www.contentville.com/

Birgitte Jorgensen