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Re: GG: Bach You Can't Live Without / & Stern & Casals

Great question, great answer from B. Lehman!

>> > If the question was "which 8 minutes of Bach must go to the desert
>> > island?", I think a candidate would have to be the slow movement of the
>> > violin/oboe concerto, with Stern and Marcel Tabuteau conducted by
>>I've never heard the recording, but I picked up Oscar Shumsky and Robin
>>Miller's recording with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra.  Does it even come
>Depends.  Do Shumsky & Miller make the hair stand up on your neck and arms,
>and make you weep?  If not, then no.
>Here's a GG topic that I don't remember seeing before: which GG recordings
>have that magical combination of intensity, poise, and directness that can
>cause tears?
>I'll suggest a few to start the list: some of the Brahms intermezzi, the
>E-flat minor prelude and fugue of WTC 1, the slow movement of the Beethoven
>4th concerto, some of the Berg sonata, and var. 25 of the 1955
>Goldbergs.  Maybe also some of the Strauss Op. 3....
>Bradley Lehman

Anyone who mentions the E flat minor p&f bk 1 and Beethoven's 4 p.c. in the
same breath is speaking my language!!  And GG's Goldberg's, either version,
that's my idea of music!

But I'd have to put in here for at least one or two moments from St. Matt's
passion, and barely second, the B Minor mass.   Is choral music allowed???
Bach sure knew how to write for the oboe and violin, and he had a pipeline
to God when he wrote for voice plus these two instruments!

J. Grant