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Re: GG: Bach You Can't Live Without / & Stern & Casals

Bradley Lehman wrote:

> Here's a GG topic that I don't remember seeing before: which GG recordings
> have that magical combination of intensity, poise, and directness that can
> cause tears?

That maybe cause a avalanche of messages....
Here is my contribution:

Bach and Gould:
1. The Art of Fugue No.14 (unfinished)
2. Fugue No.22 in B-flat minor (891), WTK II
3. Fugue No. 9 in E-major (878), WTK II
4. Overture in French Style (831) - 1. Ouverture (Especially the Excerpt:
II. Part from 4:00 - End)
5. Partita No 5 (829): Praeambulum & Partita 6 (830): III-Corrente

Bach and...
Passacaglia in c (582), Matthias Eisenberg organ (My favourite organ-player
(German): precise, vivid, clear & intensiv interpretations)


Joerg Scheuvens