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Re: Last concert

Massive dissappointment.

Knowing that my library did carry microfilm of the Los Angeles Times I was
very excited to get to work early to unearth my treasure,

but NO, it was not to be.

Our archives stop at 1966!!

I told you Gould get the stage to soon.

But don't fear, I'm very stubborn and through (in case you haven't noticed,

I'll be heading to the LA City library soon, where they do have an archive
that goes back further.

Wish me luck again.

I don't think enough of you were wishing me luck.  Otherwise we would have
had it at my library.

Oh wait,  Good intense, direct, poised, tearful Gould:

Bradley already took one of my favorites, the slow middle movement of the
Beethoven Fourth.
I recently compared this recording with five others I either own or checked
out from the library and Gould's was the most spellbinding, more gripping
than even Perahia's award winning disc, which was my second favorite.
(Yes I think Perahia is a great pianist.)

Does the intro to the Sixth Partita count as well?  Maybe that's just
too -super-charged with emotion.

Oh wait, I have it.  Sarabande to the First French Suite, not original I
know, but I still love it.

Aria de capo to the 55 Goldbergs.

I find some of those alto arias from the Saint Matthew Passion compelling as
well.  Wonderful music in that work.