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Re: GG: Bach You Can't Live Without / & Stern & Casals

Bradley wrote

> > > If the question was "which 8 minutes of Bach must go to the desert
> > > island?", I think a candidate would have to be the slow movement of
> > > violin/oboe concerto, with Stern and Marcel Tabuteau conducted by
> >1950.
> >

I said

> >I've never heard the recording, but I picked up Oscar Shumsky and Robin
> >Miller's recording with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra.  Does it even
> >close?
Bradley replied

> Depends.  Do Shumsky & Miller make the hair stand up on your neck and
> and make you weep?  If not, then no.

My goodness that's great praise.  I might have to track down this recording.
The time listing for this Adagio from BWV 1060 lasts only 5'40.  Is that
faster than the Stern recording?

The Shumsky/Miller does not move me like the Stern/Tabuteau does Bradley,
more sweet than bittersweet to my emotional reader, though still rewarding.

Shumsky, by the way, played a few concerts with GG and is the violinist on
Fifth Brandenburg Gould conducted on the video, Gould the Conductor.