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Re: GG: Bach You Can't Live Without / & Stern & Casals

The time listing for this Adagio from BWV 1060 lasts only 5'40.  Is that
much faster than the Stern recording?

It's 7'40" on the Stern/Tabuteau/Casals. Very slow! The current CD issue is Sony 58982, which is a compilation of various Bach concertos recorded at the Prades festival in 1950. There was a big series of Columbia LP's from this and the later festivals.

The orchestra and soloists came from all over the world to study Bach with
Casals for a few weeks.  This was held in Prades, France (just across the
border from Catalonia) because Casals refused to make music in his native
Catalonia and Spain under the political regimes then in power.

Bradley Lehman
Dayton VA