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Re: French Suites/CD 318

Jim Morrison wrote:

> Boy, the things you learn when you re-read.
> I'm browsing through Conversations with Glenn Gould right now and I came
> across the fact I'd never paid much attention to before.
> Gould made a few recordings on CD 318 *after* it was dropped and then
> repaired.  The first of those recordings being the French Suites.  (I don't
> know about the rest of you, but that goes a long way to explain to me why I
> have trouble appreciating that recording as a whole, though there are some
> nice movements in them.)
> Does anyone know which other albums he recorded with the reconstructed CD
> 318?  I'd love to know.

Just a guess, Jim, but I would think that *all* of the mid- to late-70s
recorded by Kazdin at the Eaton Auditorium would be on the repaired/reworked
CD318.  This may include everything from the Hindemith brass sonatas all the
way up to second Goldbergs.  If you come up with definitive dates and the
like, I'd be interested.  I think the infamous CD318 accident happened
in 1970 or 1971, didn't it?