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Re: French Suites/CD 318

> > Does anyone know which other albums he recorded with the reconstructed
> > 318?  I'd love to know.

John Hill kindly replies

> Just a guess, Jim, but I would think that *all* of the mid- to late-70s
> material
> recorded by Kazdin at the Eaton Auditorium would be on the
> CD318.  This may include everything from the Hindemith brass sonatas all
> way up to second Goldbergs.  If you come up with definitive dates and the
> like, I'd be interested.  I think the infamous CD318 accident happened
> in 1970 or 1971, didn't it?
> cheers,
> jh

More notes to come later, it's too late to go digging through those books,
but I think the accident occurred in late 71.

Also Kazdin says that they mainly used CD 318 during those years, but there
were other pianos used as well.  I guess it's time to test our ears and hear
the difference for ourselves.  Kazdin also says that he couldn't tell a
sonic difference in CD 318 after the repairs, but Gould could tell it felt

Kazdin also says that sometime in the last three years of Gould's life he
completely abandoned CD 318.  I think it's curious  that he wouldn't know
the exact date or recordings.  I guess he didn't make any records with Gould
in his late years without CD 318.

Hard to say though. Anyone that's read Kazdin's book knows it isn't well

More later,

Good night from LA.