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Re: GG "Creative Lying"

Beadesignr@AOL.COM wrote:

> The Kazdin book seemed as though it was written by a bitter, whiny, petty
> (remember the bit about the christmas presents?!) person who was seething
> over being fired. I found it extremely jealous, vitriolic and had  the
> authors' hateful opinions stated as fact.
> Just my take on it.
> Evalynne

What, a record producer who's bitter, whiny, petty, jealous, vitriolic,
arrogant, opinionated and loud?

Gee, that's never happened!   LOL!

But seriously, I think the tone of Kazdin's book speaks for itself.
That doesn' however change the fact that he was one of the folks
who was closest to Gould over a period of about 25 yrs.  The insights
contained in that little tome are *unique* and cannot be extrapolated
from *any* of the other biographies, the majority of which were written
by folks much less on the inside than Kazdin.  The fact that Kazdin was
still fuming about being fired by GG and by Columbia goes a good way
toward explaining the vitriol.  In my view, though, this should not
prevent us from learning as much as we can from someone *who
was actually there* and actually had more than a few phone conversations
with our hero.

Did I mention about the time that I ran into Kazdin at an AES
convention and asked him to sign my DAS MARIENLEBEN album?
(yep, vitriolic!)