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Re: GG "Creative Lying"

Dear F Minors,

Some thoughts on the Kazdin book:

Jim may be correct when he points out bad writing.  My own writing is such
that I don't feel that I can make a value judgment.

Like Evalynne, I found  the bit about  the Christmas presents childish.

I think that John Hill hit the nail on the head. > In my view, though, this
should not prevent us from learning as much as we can from someone *who was
actually there* and actually had more than a few phone conversations with
our hero.

Andrew Kazdin worked with GG for years.  He was involved in all aspects of
the recording process.  We can't dismiss everything that he says.

I agree that there is a petty tone to his book, but if he points out a few
flaws in Glenn Gould's character, does that not make the man more human?

This book made me angry at times.  That's a good thing.  It gave me
something to think about.

Anne Smith