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Speaking of The Idea of Gould

I mentioned this book (Rhona Bergman's "The Idea of Gould") in my e-mail
last night. Now, I feel like discussing it.

How many other people on this list read it? What did you think?

I know that when I first read it, I was overwhelmed by some of the feelings
that Rhona Bergman described. At the same time, I understood every word.
:-> And I've come to ... accept... much of what she discussed.

Maybe there is a tendency for GG admirers to become "evangelical," in a
sense. After all, I'm the one who educated _all_ of my coworkers about
Glenn Gould. I even gave my coworker Jirapun a copy of the '55 Goldbergs
before she <sniff!> returned to Thailand. Like Rhona Bergman, I am _not_ of
an evangelical religious upbringing. This feeling of evangelism is ironic
when you consider GG's religious upbringing, which was definitely not
evangelic, either -- yet you could argue that his approach to the music

This is definitely a labor of love book. And I am _so_ glad Rhona Bergman
worked on this labor of love.

Anne M. Marble
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