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R: Speaking of The Idea of Gould

Anne Marble wrote:

"I mentioned this book (Rhona Bergman's "The Idea of Gould") in my e-mail
last night. Now, I feel like discussing it.
 How many other people on this list read it? What did you think?"

I first read this book in Toronto, last Winter, during a Gouldian
"pilgrimage" which I owed to him (and to myself), so the atmosphere was the
most suitable to enjoy the book.
And I enjoyed it dramatically: I read it in the evening and at night, while
listening to some GG cd..... and I often felt a lump in my throat (well,
honestly speaking: I cried).

I think that with this book Rhona was able to express with simple, touching
words the feelings of many of us towards Glenn Gould and her interviews give
us a  lovely picture of GG, both from a human and from an artistic point of

Rhona herself , whom I (in a very Gouldian way) could meet on the phone, is
a very nice and generous person.

And this is my little tribute to her "labour of love".

Best wishes to all of you,