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Re: Therapeutic Gould

Kate Klunies-Ross wrote:

> People have kindly shared with us those recordings which move them to
> tears...also which Bach recordings would be essential on a desert
> island...ould anyone care to comment on the therapeutic use that they make
> of GG's music? Not that they need to actually name the problem needing
> a cure! And would they name the pieces which have this  quality?
> As for me, I would include the 2nd English suite...parts of the French
> suites...and (at this point I am tempted to insert "of course", but others
> might not agree) the whole of the 81 Goldbergs...

Listening - no - meditating on GG´s The Art of Fugue No.14 (unfinished)
with it´s deep and incredible intensiv expression and abrupt ending
causes quite a "therapeutic" effect in a way, that I calm down, feel my
pulse, feeling - being alive in world of miracles, touched by a cosmic
spirit and whisdom that is not apart from me. The abrupt ending in the
context with the death of my beloved Bach and Gould (a few month later)
guides me to my own ending and it´s own miracles ......