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GG: Karsh Prints -- Kazdin Book on Ebay

Has anyone seen those Karsh prints of Glenn Gould that are often for sale
on Ebay? Are they worth the price? (They are generally priced around $10,
though they can go for lower prices.) Are they good prints, suitable for
hanging next to my Don Hunstein exhibition poster? If so, I'm going to run
out of wall space... :->

Also, I just saw a vinyl recording of the Gouldbergs listed as "(Glenn
Gould 6-eye)" on Ebay. Huh?! What does that mean? (Here's the link for
interested vinyl collectors:

P.S. Omigod! Somebody's selling the Kazdin book on Ebay! First edition with
dust jacket, and so far, the first bid is $6.99. If I were mean, I wouldn't
tell anyone about this. ;->

Anne M. Marble
I report spam (thwack!)