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CD 318

Hi guys,

I've been dong some research on Gould's pianos, and just realized I have no
idea what CD 318 stands for.
So why the C, why the D, and why the 318.

I went to the Steinway page and they have C models and D models, but no CD

Also, at the Gould Archive there's a letter in which CD 318 is said to have
serial number 317,194.  If you go to the Steinway page to see how old your
piano is, you'll see that number 317,000 to 318,999 were made in 1945.  So
it's starting to look like CD 318 was not made in the late 30's, but in the
same year it was delivered to Eatons.  Anyone with better knowledge of
Steinway's are encouraged to write in.

Does anyone know when Gould first came across CD 318?  Payzant says in 1945,
the same year Gould started giving concerts and the same year the piano made
it to Toronto, a coincidence that is either too good to be true, or destiny
at work.

How about Gould's first recording on CD 318?  Anybody know that?
How about the piano used for the 55 Goldbergs?