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Re: GG "Creative Lying"

"Anne M. Marble" wrote:

> > > When I presented the album, he looked at
> > > the front cover photo and said:
> > >
> > > "What can I tell you about this?  He's dead, she's not...".
> > >
> > > Needless to say, that comment caught me a bit off guard.
> > > When I read his book a few years later, the pieces of that
> > > puzzle started coming together.
> That must have been awkward.

*Really* awkward.  I wasn't expecting anything like that.
Attempting to follow up, I asked him what it was
like to work with Gould.  His response to that one was that
"once he was done with something, it was finished".  Meaning,
I guess, that he didn't have any big desire to revisit works
he had already recorded.  Apparently that position changed
a bit later in his career (Goldbergs, Ital. Concerto, etc.).

> And why the apparent
> bitterness toward Roxolana Roslak as well? Was he simply angry because she
> was associated with Glenn Gould.

Could be.  It has been rumored that GG and Roslak were more than just
professional collaborators at some point.  I can't cite references (although
I'll bet Jim can unearth some before the next response to this thread!).

> Maybe it's a good thing Kazdin turned down the invitation to attend the
> Glenn Gould Gathering last year. They wanted him to present a "balanced"
> view of GG. But I think there were enough critics to provide that balance.
> Even without the infamous rambling Tamara Bernzzztein speech.

It would have been interesting (to say the least) to have heard that
talk by Kazdin.  Wonder what he would have said...

> Anything to help Andy get over his bitterness.
> <wink>)

Well, it's been about 11 yrs. now since the book, so maybe he's starting
to "let it go".  Then again...