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Re: GG "Creative Lying"

From: Mike J Flemmer <mikejf2@JUNO.COM>

John Hill said:
> > When I presented the album, he looked at
> > the front cover photo and said:
> >
> > "What can I tell you about this?  He's dead, she's not...".
> >
> > Needless to say, that comment caught me a bit off guard.
> > When I read his book a few years later, the pieces of that
> > puzzle started coming together.

That must have been awkward.

> Wow, that is a strange comment from Kazdin.

Yeah. Especially after all this time. Sheesh. And why the apparent
bitterness toward Roxolana Roslak as well? Was he simply angry because she
was associated with Glenn Gould. (I guess he can't eat scrambled eggs,
either.) Or was he bitter toward her as well? If so, that's something he
didn't include in his book. (It's hard to believe he left any bitterness
out!) Or was he simply feeling in a bad mood that day.

Maybe it's a good thing Kazdin turned down the invitation to attend the
Glenn Gould Gathering last year. They wanted him to present a "balanced"
view of GG. But I think there were enough critics to provide that balance.
Even without the infamous rambling Tamara Bernzzztein speech.

> But  I'm glad he didn't sign his name on the front cover.  You
> had me worried there for a second.   I think it would be ok
> for Kazdin to sign the back, but only two people qualify
> that could sign the front of Das Marienlben,  GG and
> Roxolana.

A Kazdin signature simply wouldn't look right there.

> By the way, what would be the value of an album signed by
> GG himself?  How often did he sign them?  How many might
> be out there with his signature on it?

On Ebay, there was a canceled check or short letter auctioned off a couple
of years ago with GG's signature. It went for close to $1,500.

To all who read the Kazdin book... Imagine what Kazdin's uncashed check
would go for! (Hey, if he is so bitter toward Glenn Gould, I'll take that
artifact off his hands. Anything to help Andy get over his bitterness.