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Re: GG "Creative Lying"

From: John Hill <jphill@HOME.COM>

> "Anne M. Marble" wrote:

<snip story of Kazdin signing>

> > That must have been awkward.
> *Really* awkward.  I wasn't expecting anything like that.
> Attempting to follow up, I asked him what it was
> like to work with Gould.  His response to that one was that
> "once he was done with something, it was finished".  Meaning,
> I guess, that he didn't have any big desire to revisit works
> he had already recorded.  Apparently that position changed
> a bit later in his career (Goldbergs, Ital. Concerto, etc.).

I wish more musicians felt that way. I love Screaming Jay Hawkins, but how
many versions of "I Put a Spell on You" can you have? :->

> > And why the apparent bitterness toward Roxolana
> > Roslak as well? Was he simply angry because
> > she was associated with Glenn Gould.
> Could be.  It has been rumored that GG and Roslak were more than just
> professional collaborators at some point.  I can't cite references
> (although I'll bet Jim can unearth some before the next response to
> this thread!).

Jim, you might want to check out the job opportunities on this page:
(Just kidding! :-> )

> > Maybe it's a good thing Kazdin turned down the invitation to attend the
> > Glenn Gould Gathering last year. They wanted him to present a
> > "balanced" view of GG. But I think there were enough critics to
> > provide that balance. Even without the infamous rambling
> > Tamara Bernzzztein speech.
> It would have been interesting (to say the least) to have heard that
> talk by Kazdin.  Wonder what he would have said...

At least he would have been more interesting than Tamara Bernstein. Still,
I don't think the world is ready for a Kazdin appearance at a Glenn Gould
event. Yet. My, can you imagine the Question & Answer session? ("Mr.
Kazdin, on page xx, you griped about double-doubles. Well, I have
double-doubles all the time, and I don't know what's so strange about
asking for double-doubles.")

> > Anything to help Andy get over his bitterness.
> > <wink>)
> Well, it's been about 11 yrs. now since the book, so maybe he's starting
> to "let it go".  Then again...

Have you seen the "Glenn Gould: Shadow Genius" documentary put out by the
CBC last year? The short answer is... Not yet.

Andy made some good points, I supposed. He did add balance. Still, he also
complained about they always had to do thing Glenn's way. And he also
complained that Glenn Gould expected people to laugh at his jokes. Gee,
Glenn sounds like my Dad. Only with better jokes. :->