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Re: CD 318

Jim Morrison wrote:

> I went to the Steinway page and they have C models and D models, but no CD
> models.

The D definitely stands for Model D, which is the largest Steinway concert
grand.  Perhaps C stands for Concert Grand.

> Does anyone know when Gould first came across CD 318?  Payzant says in 1945,
> the same year Gould started giving concerts and the same year the piano made
> it to Toronto, a coincidence that is either too good to be true, or destiny
> at work.

> How about Gould's first recording on CD 318?  Anybody know that?
> How about the piano used for the 55 Goldbergs?

I'm not sure when he first played CD318, but I was under the impression that he

adopted it as his *only* recording piano sometime in the early to mid-60s.
is an interview somewhere where he discusses the fact that, in earlier days,
he picked different pianos for different repertoire.  Then, after working
extensively with CD318, he claimed it was the right piano for him for
He commented that it was "his Mozart piano, his Bach piano" and then something
to the effect that he could even coax sounds from it which might emulate
and other pre-Baroque keyboard instruments.

I wish I could cite the references, but I think that CD318 doesn't appear on
any of the Columbia recordings until somewhere in the early/mid-60s.  This is
about the same time that GG started to work with Kazdin.  I'll try to dig up
what I can on this....