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Re: Glenn Gould's Bach

madiva ha scritto:

> Today it is the anniversary day of the death of Bach! All the world
> celebrates it!
> Glenn Gould we are missing!
> Regards
> Valeria Massari

Dears f_minors

I make followed at my previous post  with this John Eliot Gardiner's
opinion  about  Gould's interpretations of Bach :

"They have stayed in many to contribute the interpretation of Bach's
music with executions enlightening illuminating
Wanda Landowska on the harpsichord, to the beginnings of the nine
hundred, and Glenn Gould on the piano, whose interpretations are the
more extraordinarily detectors.
Gould, through the his extraordinary imagination and his virtuosity at
the piano  absolutely exceptional he has carried clarity, introspection
and transparency to the inside of the compositions for keyboard of Bach
in a way that probably no other has more known to compared"
(Interview by the Italian Magazine "Musica"   June July 2000)

I repeat it : "Glenn Gould we are missing!"

Regards again

Valeria Massari