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*blasphemous* experiment (off topic)

Hi f-minors,

Maybe this is a bit off topic but I find it interesting enough to share it
with the list.

Today, on the 250. anniversary of Bach´s death, I did some *blasphemous*
experiments in the question: What happens when you mix two selected
Bach(GG)-recordings together (could be different pieces or 2 copies of one
composition, which were repeated (canonlike) with different starting
positions)? - Chaos??

I´ve saved the best result for a few days on
 (1,6 MB)

It´s the well-known Bach Prelude in C-Major (846),WTK 1.
In this *version* a identical second copy of the original piece starts about
3 seconds after the beginning of the first one. So that you can hear two
identical pieces playing with each other, adding, answering, echoing themes.
In some parts there is a little bit of chaos, but on the other hand there
are parts, that causes wondering about the fact, that this works. In a magic
way this *soup* combines new, intensive and although wellknown
bachian/gouldian aroma.What is this good for? No idea maybe just for fun in

Best wishes to all