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GG: Gender Bias, Britney, GG Threads, etc.

Birgitte Jorgensen wrote:

> Allow me to fend off an anticipated hail of protest from you sensitive guys
> out there (and how could any cuddly, self-respecting Britney Spears fan not
> be squishy?) by acknowledging Joerg?s ravishing analysis of his response to
> Gould?s musicianship:

No protests here.  That's an interesting point about gender-related
difference in the List threads.

But now that I'm bench pressing my own weight, I've almost eliminated
all the "squishy" parts.  Oh........ you were refering to *Elmer* (Bob)...

I also liked Joerg's analysis of the final fugue from the AoF.
That's an awesome slice of Gould captured for all us to enjoy.