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gould/beethoven site by me

Dear F-Minors,

Jim has kindly let the members be informed my web site on
Gould and Beethoven.

I am very pleased and do feel a litle bit shy...

I have a plant to write texts in English.
When so, I will let you know.

The main points I pointed out in the pages are:
1 The GG's performance of Beethoven's works are under estimated;
2 The problem is there exists prejudice;
3 GG recorded amazing recording of Beethoven piano works,
such as the 2nd movement of op. 10-3
Stockholm version of op.110, and op. 26
many versions of Concerto NO. 2; and
4 GG's evaluation on Beethoven's works is stimulating.

The reason why I did not fill the pages with photos of GG was
just a problem of intellectual property right(s).

I has a sent a letter to SONY CANADA, demanding uploading a few GG photo.
However, there was no respondoing...

The result of this was the use of many 'northern' photos.

I try to write imppressive texts
so that f-minors can enjoy.

Tokyo, Japan

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good morning f minor

someone offlist has sent me a link to a site called "Glenn Gould and
Beethoven" with some beautiful photos on it
> http://home.interlink.or.jp/~mikiwata/

there's a little problem in that the text is Japanese, but the photos are
impressive and of a Gouldian nature.  I wonder, which Beethoven/Gould peices
do you think the photos go with?

Take a look,


ps: I'm having trouble imagining who could could play with during a
performance of a Bach multi-keyboard concerto, but I'm still thinking.