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Re: gould/beethoven site by me

> The main points I pointed out in the pages are:
> 1 The GG's performance of Beethoven's works are under estimated

I've said this before, but I think it bears repeating. I recently did a
survey of about ten Beethoven 4th Concertos, some of them award winning and
historically famous, and Gould's came out my winner.  I find it difficult to
believe that others wouldn't say that the short middle movement is of the
highest caliber musical art.  Absolutely spellbinding.

I also think Gould's Pastorale Sonata is wonderful, that autumnal, yet of
good cheer feeling Daniel and I talked about.  And how about those
bagatelles and variations?  And the piano transcriptions?  Yes, Gould did
some wonderful work with Beethoven and I wish Bazzana would have written
more about that.  If I have one fault with the book, it's that he seems not
to have paid much attention to the Beethoven.  Also it's curious that
there's no Schoenberg on the disc included with the book.

But hey, you can't have everything and the book is a wealth of information.
Highly recommended.

Anybody else got any favorite Gould/Beethoven moments?  Are have you been
through this too many times to  have another go at it?