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GG: Another Question About Sick Pianos (and an Aside about Squeaky Chairs)

I was trying to remember what happened to the piano before GG recorded the
Inventions. However, I left my copy of the CD at my parents' house, so I
don't have the liner notes. What was the story there? Where did the hiccups
come from? What did they do to _this_ poor piano? (I have this image of
mysterious operatives, garbed in grey camoflauge, sneaking up on Glenn
Gould's pianos and dropping them when he wasn't looking.)

Aside About Squeaky Chairs
I was listening to the "Consort Musick" CD on my way home. Luv that
Sweelinck, even if the recording quality is a bit... rough. Speaking of odd
noises... I think they forget to oil The Chair before recording that one!

Anne M. Marble