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GG: Tureck and WTC

Good morning f_minors --

Have any of you heard the recently reissued 1953 recording of Roslyn Tureck
playing bks 1 and 2 of WTC? I'm very curious about it; according to K.
Bazzana, Tureck is one of the few pianists whom GG acknowledged as a direct
influence on his Bach playing. I'm interested for that reason, and also in
her interpretations in their own right. The only Tureck recordings I have
heard are late ones from the late '80s -early '90s; they seem enervated,
mannered and lugubrious , and the tempos are painfully slow. Hopefully, this
does not characterize her earlier work (?)

For what it's worth -- the Tureck WTC set was favorably reviewed in the most
recent issues of Fanfare (by Michael Ullmann, whose favorite set is the
Gould), and Amer Rec Guide (by "Beverslius").

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