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GG: Malcom Frager Quote

In the Friederich book, there's a quote from pianist Malcom Frager that was
repeated on the BBC program (uhm, programme) about Glenn Gould.

It goes like this:
"If Glenn had managed, in his personal life, to just be a little bit less
of a genius, a little bit normal, I think he'd probably still be with us. I
mean, if he'd setted down, gotten married and had chkldren, and had
something to think about besides himself, he probably would have -- it
could only have helped his playing, could have lent it greater warmth,
greater humanity. And I think to have a happy family life is _much_ more of
a challenge than to have a career."

Aaaargh! Sorry, I don't think that Glenn Gould would have become a "better"
musician by marrying and having kids. I think his playing was "just fine"
(to say the least!) as it was -- it had plenty of warmth and humanity. GG
didn't have to answer to Malcolm Frager, nor did he have to answer to Otto
Friederich or to Peter Ostwald. He answered to himself. If GG had lived a
more "normal" life, he would not have been the Glenn Gould we have come to
know. His output would not have been the same -- it might have been more
(ugh) "typical."

What would Malcolm Frager say about Emily Dickinson?! Or the Bronte
sisters? :-O Besides, look at all the great musicians, artists, and writers
who marry and yet have _horrid_ family lives -- in many cases, that chaos
probably ended up hurting their art. If you doubt me, just look at some of
the books America's acclaimed modern novelists have written during their
turbulent middle years. (To be fair, Phillip Roth's "The Breast" might be a
perfectly fine book. Naw...)

Anne M. Marble
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