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Re: GG: Malcom Frager Quote

In a message dated 8/16/00 9:03:11 PM Mountain Daylight Time, amarble@SFF.NET

 Aaaargh! Sorry, I don't think that Glenn Gould would have become a "better"
 musician by marrying and having kids. I think his playing was "just fine"
 (to say the least!) as it was -- it had plenty of warmth and humanity. GG
 didn't have to answer to Malcolm Frager, nor did he have to answer to Otto
 Friederich or to Peter Ostwald. He answered to himself. If GG had lived a
 more "normal" life, he would not have been the Glenn Gould we have come to
 know. His output would not have been the same -- it might have been more
 (ugh) "typical." >>

I couldn't agree more! The demands of a family can absolutely destroy an
artist. This is why so many artists are child-free by choice. They "give
birth" on a regular basis to thier chosen art form.