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Dear F minor,

I am a sort of latecomer for the discovery of the Gould?s site but I soon I
founded it I suscribed to the Mailing list. Since the 4th of August I?ve
read the messages with great pleasure and interest. To-day I want to say
hello to everyone and make a few comments.

- I agree with Anne = it?s a stupid idea to imagine that Gould would or
should have had a more « normal » life etc? A genius person is not like an
ordinary one and moreover Gould made his own choices.
About not having a family and kids I?d like to add this = I have just
discovered The Solitude Trilogy (CD, 1992) and listening to it I?ve been
struck by the great interest Gould shows for children?care and how he
recalls the parents?s responsability, how he makes children?voices be heard
etc... In my daily work I see many parents who have not that caring

- I appreciate very much the informations on CD and books (so many things to
buy !). I?d like to add to the J. Loussier?s Bach CD the Keith Jarrett ones,
cf.  J. S. Bach home page :

- In The Glenn Gould legacy, vol 3, (with the wonderful Brahms?s Intermezzi)
I love the Sibelius sonatinas but apart from these and the violin concerto I
don?t know much of Sibelius = I?d like to know more, so maybe someone can
give some advices ? About his symphonies for instance ?

Best, Jacqueline

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