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These last few days I have been annoying my family bey constantly whistling
pieces of the Goldberg Variations (never mind which recording..) because I
keep getting enthralled by Gould's illumination of the piece, as I said
before, my church musician refers to it as X-Raying the piece. (clarity and
emotion, in this order, or , in a way, technical)
Regarding the Consort of Musicke disc I have a different feeling, it's more
like emotion before clarity (spiritual). How to make that clear...I guess
it's like having to sing or whistle along with the Goldbergs, but
quietening down for an intense and moving listening experience when
listening to Gibbons.
Not surprising, that the Goldbergs (mostly 81 up to variation 25) are my
favorite summer disc, while Consort of musicke gets listened to during the
long winter evenings.

P.S.: Variation 25 belongs to the "spiritual" sort of music, too. The final
sequence stops my whistling unfailingly...

And P.P.S.: Could it be, that one listens to Gould for Bach's sake, and to
a lot of other Gouldian recordings for Gould's sake? Who'd have remembered
Gibbons or Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck except for Renaissance Experts and
Church Musicians if Gould hadn't recorded this wonderful music in his
special way?