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Re: Gibbons

Hello Arne:

I was compelled to reply to you because I felt so much
excitement and emotion in your writing about Glenn´s
Goldbergs and Gibbons.
I totally agree, I don´t know what would be of us
withouth Glenn´s Bach and we probably wouldn´t know of
Byrd and Gibbons if he hadn´t played that music for
Thank you for sharing your "new" or not so new "love"

--- Arne Klindt <a.klindt@GMX.NET> wrote:
> These last few days I have been annoying my family
> bey constantly whistling
> pieces of the Goldberg Variations (never mind which
> recording..) because I
> keep getting enthralled by Gould's illumination of
> the piece, as I said
> before, my church musician refers to it as X-Raying
> the piece. (clarity and
> emotion, in this order, or , in a way, technical)
> Regarding the Consort of Musicke disc I have a
> different feeling, it's more
> like emotion before clarity (spiritual). How to make
> that clear...I guess
> it's like having to sing or whistle along with the
> Goldbergs, but
> quietening down for an intense and moving listening
> experience when
> listening to Gibbons.
> Not surprising, that the Goldbergs (mostly 81 up to
> variation 25) are my
> favorite summer disc, while Consort of musicke gets
> listened to during the
> long winter evenings.
> P.S.: Variation 25 belongs to the "spiritual" sort
> of music, too. The final
> sequence stops my whistling unfailingly...
> And P.P.S.: Could it be, that one listens to Gould
> for Bach's sake, and to
> a lot of other Gouldian recordings for Gould's sake?
> Who'd have remembered
> Gibbons or Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck except for
> Renaissance Experts and
> Church Musicians if Gould hadn't recorded this
> wonderful music in his
> special way?
> Arne

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