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Re: GG on the Philips Great Pianists series

Hi Jon,
Good to hear from you and sorry it took so long for me to get back to you.  Don't worry about 'going on' about the Alchemist DVD.  If I remember correctly there hasn't been a whole lot of discussion on the film over the list.  I just watched the Gibbons again last night, and you're right, that is one of the high points of the film.  It's been a while since I've actually watched much of Gould playing, but I don't recall him shaking quite as much as that.  Moving in his chair, sure.  Directing when he has a free moment with one of his hands.  But that shaking strikes me as something pretty unusual even for him.  I could be wrong though.
I have a few discs of harpsichordists playing the Byrd and Gibbons music and Gould makes this music sounds more moody than they do, more like a Brahms intermezzo,  ;-)  And for some reason, I think of Gould's recording of early Strauss during one point of the Salisbury Pavan.  I'll have to listen to the recordings back-to-back soon and see if they really do sound alike, or if my memory is once again acting up.  If it really does sound a little like Strauss, we've got another reason, for me at least, for understanding how Gould could say something like Gibbons being his favorite composer, not from a technically point of view, but from a spiritual one.  Also during that Gibbons commentary, he mentions that Gibbons writes music they way he would have written it, had he lived in during the same time as Gibbons and was working with similar material.