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Glenn Gould recordings database


Some of you may have come across a website which I created some years back,
where I attempted to document all known recordings by Glenn Gould. I haven't
maintained it for some years, so most of the links to other sites have
rotted away :-) But the database is still pretty useful. Let's face it,
Glenn hasn't made any new recordings lately...

Anyway, the company which hosted the site recently "went away" and I have
moved the site to a new server. It's now at http://glenn.coomans.com I hope
to get around updating it over the coming month or so, until then, excuse
the dead links. Just click away at the menu bar if you're interested in
whether he recorded a particular work or when and where he did so. 

My estimate is that I've captured over 95% of the recordings, although
documenting the resultant records, CD and videos is a task which will never
be complete!

Feedback about what you'd like to see in a new version is of course welcome.


Marius Coomans