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Hi Folks. Thanks very much to Michael for this.
But before anyone gets too excited, it appears simply to be a re-packaging of previous material. Sony is re-releasing some CDs around the end of September to commemorate GG's birth/death in the next few days. Here is the URL:
Some other re-release titles:
Bach: Preludes, Fugues and Fughettas - Expanded Edition
Bach: Goldberg Variations (1955) - Expanded Edition
The only plus is that they finally clued in and are putting the original album covers on the front. Don't confuse them with the GG Anniversary Editions! Those were from last year.
I can't even count the number of times the GV from 1955 have been re-released. This has to be at least a dozen times. Go, Glenn, Go!!
P.S. Anyone attending the In Memoriam Glenn Gould concert at the Ottawa NAC Thursday? If you are, be sure to wave!! I'll be there with my Dad.
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be on the look out for a new gg cd :     " Glenn Gould.........and Serenity "  ( sony, $12 u.s., due  sept 30.