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2003 Venice Biennale

Dear friends,
at Venice Biennale I've visited the Canadian pavilion:
Jana Sterback presents a multi-screen video installation in which the music
by Bach follows the wilderness landscapes of the Lower St. Lawrence region.

" The installation takes the form of a videographic polyptych on six screens
on which are juxtaposed... short segments shot mainly in and around
Kamouraska, Québec...All of the shots are entirely the work of the young
terrier Stanley who, ...his head fitted with a mini camera, was able to
capture, from unusual angles..., the shapes, colours and textures of his
surroundings...These "variations" on the theme of voyages combine a
multitude of different discourses, while also adhering to an aesthetic of
the fragmented end the discontinuous... Sterback's work offer us an
intriguing venture into a world in perpetual motion...to the accompaniment
of a musical sound track that is just as dizzying: excerpts from Bach's
Goldberg Variations as performed by Glenn Gould in 1955."


All the best

Alessandro Colombo