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Re: new cd

What would be good is if Sony re-released the GG Collection on DVD.  I
didn't even know who GG was when it was released so I have never had a
chance to get the vids.

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From: "Karl Berry" <karl@FREEFRIENDS.ORG>
Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2003 2:13 AM
Subject: Re: new cd

>     But before anyone gets too excited, it appears simply to be a
>     re-packaging of previous material.
> Last time I checked, it seemed to me that every piece of music GG recorded
> the studio has been released (according to Nancy Canning's list of
> recording sessions that appeared in the Friedrich biography).
> However, there is still new music (I mean, pieces not otherwise
> recorded) from the numerous TV and radio programs, not to mention the
> programs themselves.  My biggest wishlist item is Cp.6 from Art of
> Fugue, performed on TV once and never anywhere else, best as I can
> determine.
> http://www.glenngould.org/mail/archives/f_minor/msg08012.html
> Is anyone from Sony or CBC out there :)?