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Re: [F_MINOR] New Subscriber to F_minor! Please read.

Hi Maria:

welcome to the list!, I am repplying to you, because
when I was reading your email, I re-felt the  same
excitement, love and admiration that I did feel first
when I started on my own "phase" as your mom called
it. It is so lovely that you have gotten to know the
music of gg and more than that, it doesn´t stop to
amaze how many admirers Glenn Gould draws even after
his death. Death, such an awful word, many here I am
sure, are horrified to hear that word, because his
music is alive in our hearts.
I would love to see any of your drawings, of course if
it is possible for you to send them. If it is not,
that is allright.
As others might have told you, there is so much that
has been said here... , I can´t think of any specific
thing , but I am sure later the list will get to talk
about something.

take care.

--- Maria Tauriainen <maria_tauriainen@HOTMAIL.COM>
> Hi to everyone!
>       I'm a new subscriber, so I don't know much
> about how this whole thing
> works. All I know is that I'm happy to find so many
> other people with an
> interest in Glenn Gould!
>       I guess what I'm looking for is a discussion
> type of e-mail list
> devoted to Gould and his
> genius/idiosyncrasies/personality/playing/etc. I
> hope I've finally found it...
>       Perhaps I should give you all some background
> information about
> myself. I'm seventeen years old, in my senior year
> at high school in BC,
> Canada, and I love art and music. I play the piano,
> as time permits (it's
> not the first priority in my life right now,
> although I work hard at it),
> and I'm in grade six in the Royal Conservatory. I
> first started lessons a
> year ago, after teaching myself through grade one
> over a period of about
> eight years off and on. I flew through five grades
> in little more than a
> year! Actually, I've always wanted lessons, but
> being in a family of
> thirteen kids (I'm the second oldest), it was kind
> of impossible. I received
> my own piano free from a charity (I have a mild
> physical disability, so I
> was given the opportunity to 'make a wish'), and
> since then, especially with
> the inspiration of Glenn Gould, I've loved playing
> piano more than ever.
>       This, of course, brings me to my love of all
> things Gould. I first
> discovered him from, of all things, an electronic
> encyclopedia called
> Encarta. There was a short thirty-second clip of him
> playing the third
> Goldberg variation, and I listened to it over and
> over, loving the sound. I
> read up on him through the same program, but was
> never satisfied. That was
> two years ago, and now I have about twenty of his
> CDs. My 'Glenn Gould
> phase,' as my mom put it, is definitely not going
> away!
>       I'm the 'artist' of my family, and I've drawn
> some pictures of Gould.
> I really like them, and so doeas everyone who's seen
> them. Many of them say
> that it's amazing how much effort and feeling I must
> have put into
> them--well, of course! It's Glenn Gould I was
> drawing! If any of you are
> interested in seeing them, please let me know. I'll
> try to figure out a way
> to send them through e-mail, if it's possible.
>       I'm sorry if I'm doing this in the wrong way;
> could someone please
> give me some pointers on how F_minor works? I'd love
> to hear from you, and
> especially about any personal experiences regarding
> Glenn Gould. Is anyone
> an artist who enjoys pencil/charcoal, and has drawn
> Gould before? What about
> favourite recordings, or stories about him?
>      I would greatly appreciate anyone taking the
> time to write to me, and
> by the way, thanks for reading my e-mail!
> Maria
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