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[F_MINOR] Drawer artist AND Glenn Gould's admirer on his way ;-)

Hi Maria,


Let me introduce myself: I’m 25 years old and I’m a student in English in France. I’ve been playing the piano for almost ten years but unfortunately I don’t have one anymore at home. I hope that one day such a wonderful instrument will be part of my house again.


I love drawing too and I already drew a portrait of Glenn Gould — the first one of a long set I hope. Actually it is a reproduction of a picture taken during a recording session of the Goldberg Variations in 1955. It is scanned on my computer so I can easily send it to you if you want to look at it. By the way, I’d be very interested in having a look at your drawings.


I can send my drawing to whoever is interested of course.


I hope to hear from you soon!






--- Maria Tauriainen <maria_tauriainen@HOTMAIL.COM>


> Hi to everyone!

>       I'm a new subscriber, so I don't know much

> about how this whole thing

> works. All I know is that I'm happy to find so many

> other people with an

> interest in Glenn Gould!

>       I guess what I'm looking for is a discussion

> type of e-mail list

> devoted to Gould and his

> genius/idiosyncrasies/personality/playing/etc. I hope I've finally

> found it...

>       Perhaps I should give you all some background information about

> myself. I'm seventeen years old, in my senior year

> at high school in BC,

> Canada, and I love art and music. I play the piano,

> as time permits (it's

> not the first priority in my life right now,

> although I work hard at it),

> and I'm in grade six in the Royal Conservatory. I

> first started lessons a

> year ago, after teaching myself through grade one

> over a period of about

> eight years off and on. I flew through five grades

> in little more than a

> year! Actually, I've always wanted lessons, but

> being in a family of

> thirteen kids (I'm the second oldest), it was kind

> of impossible. I received

> my own piano free from a charity (I have a mild

> physical disability, so I

> was given the opportunity to 'make a wish'), and

> since then, especially with

> the inspiration of Glenn Gould, I've loved playing

> piano more than ever.

>       This, of course, brings me to my love of all

> things Gould. I first

> discovered him from, of all things, an electronic

> encyclopedia called

> Encarta. There was a short thirty-second clip of him

> playing the third

> Goldberg variation, and I listened to it over and

> over, loving the sound. I

> read up on him through the same program, but was

> never satisfied. That was

> two years ago, and now I have about twenty of his

> CDs. My 'Glenn Gould

> phase,' as my mom put it, is definitely not going

> away!

>       I'm the 'artist' of my family, and I've drawn

> some pictures of Gould.

> I really like them, and so doeas everyone who's seen

> them. Many of them say

> that it's amazing how much effort and feeling I must

> have put into

> them--well, of course! It's Glenn Gould I was

> drawing! If any of you are

> interested in seeing them, please let me know. I'll

> try to figure out a way

> to send them through e-mail, if it's possible.

>       I'm sorry if I'm doing this in the wrong way;

> could someone please

> give me some pointers on how F_minor works? I'd love

> to hear from you, and

> especially about any personal experiences regarding

> Glenn Gould. Is anyone

> an artist who enjoys pencil/charcoal, and has drawn

> Gould before? What about

> favourite recordings, or stories about him?

>      I would greatly appreciate anyone taking the

> time to write to me, and

> by the way, thanks for reading my e-mail!


> Maria




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