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Re: [F_MINOR] Videos of Glenn Gould

Iâm looking for videos of Glenn Gould. I already have the Goldberg Variations and the Alchemist made by Bruno Monsaingeon, but Iâd like to know if there are any others, especially live recordings, if any.

There are, fortunately, plenty of videos of GG.  Someone on this list was nice enough to copy a few for me.  I especially like the 2 part video "On the Record" and "Off the Record" as they were my introduction to Glenn.  I saw part of one on public television and was so inspired I went on a Glenn Gould CD buying spree.  These films are from a comparatively early period.  I was struck not only by his amazing and unique playing, but by his mind - equally unique and engaging and with a fine sense of humor.   Dorian

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