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I'm new here and I've been with Glenn Gould's music for around a year. I live in
France and I'm 22. In 2002 with the 20th birthday of the year of his birth in Heaven a
lot of re-edited CD were released and, after having learnt about it by watching a TV
programm devoted to the pianist ('Glenn Gould in the studio' and 'Glenn Gould off the
record' -1959) I decided to discover more about him. That's how I bought two sets
released in 2002: 'A State Of Wonder' and the french edition of the 'Well-tempered
keyboard'. To date Glenn Gould is my favorite Bach performer. His playing being so
fresh and so unconventional! I saw several programms since 2002 including 'The
Alchemist' -1974 by Bruno Monsaingeon which permitted me to have a glimpse at
different stages in Glenn Gould's life. My favorite recordings include the french suites,
and above all the 1981 goldbergs variations and the piano recordings of the Art of the
Fugue taken from a 1981 canadian TV programm as written in the sleeves notes for
the CD. I think Bruno Monsaingeon ended-up his film trilogy 'Glenn Gould Plays Bach'
in 1981 (that is what is written in the CD sleeve notes) but I haven't seen it yet.

I'm glad to have found a message board devoted to Glenn Gould because it's honestly
the only one discussion  forum I discovered... And Glenn Gould is, in my opinion, the
best Bach performer of all time and all places.

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