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Re: [F_MINOR] Children's bio

This really plugs a huge hole in books about Gould. This is the age when
human beings begin to want to become future Glenn Goulds. The future
possibilities for brilliant, original and gorgeous interpretations of
keyboard music are infinite, but somebody has to plant and nurture the
seedlings and saplings now. Sounds like a great Xmas gift for any kid taking
piano lessons.


PS: Victory for music, starving young music students, and music-starved
commuters! The Boston subway ("The T") has just reversed its ban on live
musicians playing in the subway stations. The ban was an instant
public-relations disaster, it made the T officials look like
kitten-drowners. One of the ban's first victims was an old blind
electric-piano player who depended on his subway gig to live.

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Struggling for perfection : the story of Glenn Gould / by Vladimir
Konieczny, a
children's bio (ages 9+),  has recently been published by Napoleon
Publishers of
ISBN 0-929141-13-X (CDN$20.95)

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