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Re: [F_MINOR] FW: [F_MINOR] OT: Help! Anybody got any GOOD Xmas music?

Wow! Thanks Larry! A heck of a lot of thought went into this! I'm going Christmas music shopping tomorrow!
One time my in-laws visited and gave us a 2-record Christmas album by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir which we had to listen to for three days. After they left, I snuck downtown and put the album in the night drop of the public library. "We are sorry we cannot give this album a good home, but we know you will give it a good home." We didn't sign the note.  
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From: Larry Bowe Consulting <larrybowe@DCCNET.COM>
Date: Friday, December 12, 2003 11:03 PM
Subject: [F_MINOR] FW: [F_MINOR] OT: Help! Anybody got any GOOD Xmas music?

Glad and sorry you brought this up....it stirs a lot of emotion about the "pap" that's passed off as "Christmas" music  
here are a few of my personal favorites .......
  • Praetorius "Christmette" ... Paul McCreesh and the Gabriellie Consort
  • Charpentier "In Nativitatem Dominin Canticum" with William Christie
  • Heinrish Schutz "Weihnachtshistorie" with Howard Arman
  • Bach "Weihnachtsoratorium" with Harnoncourt
  • Can't find my copy of McCreesh's recent CD (a few years old now ) of Gabriellie's Venetian Christmas Music .... exact title escapes me.
  • The Chieftains " The Bells of Dublin" with Burgess Meredith et al
  • Charlie Browns Christmas with the late Vince Guaraldi and his Trio   
  • Cant forget Sir David Wilcock's Christmas Carols from King's College Cambridge
  • And if you can find it........while not music per say .....Dylan Thomas reading "a Childs Christmas in Wales"
Yes there is lot of junk out there but there is also a wonderful assortment of "good music" unfortunately all we hear in the malls etc, is the inferior stuff.
Saw the Tallis Scholars Christmas Concert on Saturday night last .......now there's music that puts you in the mood.

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