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Re: [F_MINOR] FW: [F_MINOR] OT: Help! Anybody got any GOOD Xmas music?

Benjamin Britten wrote some Xmas works especially linked with the
english tradition.  There are a lot of interesting things that I searched
in the english tradition because there is a lot of chorals over there. I
wonder if there was a particular work that you know about Jesus' birth
as long as it is the reason for Xmas to exist.

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On Fri, 12 Dec 2003 20:02:32 -0800, Larry Bowe Consulting
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>Glad and sorry you brought this up....it stirs a lot of emotion about the
>"pap" that's passed off as "Christmas" music
>here are a few of my personal favorites .......
>  a.. Praetorius "Christmette" ... Paul McCreesh and the Gabriellie
>  b.. Charpentier "In Nativitatem Dominin Canticum" with William
>  c.. Heinrish Schutz "Weihnachtshistorie" with Howard Arman
>  d.. Bach "Weihnachtsoratorium" with Harnoncourt
>  e.. Can't find my copy of McCreesh's recent CD (a few years old now
) of
>Gabriellie's Venetian Christmas Music .... exact title escapes me.
>  f.. The Chieftains " The Bells of Dublin" with Burgess Meredith et al
>  g.. Charlie Browns Christmas with the late Vince Guaraldi and his
>  h.. Cant forget Sir David Wilcock's Christmas Carols from King's
>  i.. And if you can find it........while not music per say .....Dylan
>Thomas reading "a Childs Christmas in Wales"
>Yes there is lot of junk out there but there is also a wonderful
>of "good music" unfortunately all we hear in the malls etc, is the
>Saw the Tallis Scholars Christmas Concert on Saturday night last
>there's music that puts you in the mood.
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>  Subject: [F_MINOR] OT: Help! Anybody got any GOOD Xmas music?
>  Okay okay it's my annual appeal. It's Mandatory Non-Stop Christmas
>Time, at home and around town.
>  Don't get me wrong, I ain't the Grinch. I just have sensitive ears and
>sensibilities, and most of what they're aiming at me sounds like
>Fingernails on a Christmas Blackboard.
>  At home, there's one loophole: If I can bring in my own CDs of Real
>Genuine Certified Christmas Music, I can play it on the stereo, and
>everybody's happy.
>  I know there's Christmas Stuff out there with beautiful compositions,
>beautiful artistry, beautiful voices. What are your favorites? What do
>like? What do you recommend? If GG ever strayed into Yule, it can
>be stuff by Gould, that would be great!
>  Elmer
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