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[F_MINOR] I have been to Montreal

Dear f-nimors,

Firstly, I would like to thank Mathew, Paul, Elmer, and Deborah for

Yes, I have been to Montreal.
It was ve-----------------ry cold city to me!

I was too busy to go out for ejoy music and
had a strong headache and a little fever on the second and third days in
because of time difference and tiredsome by the long flight.
I had a spare time in the afternoon on Friday
but it was too late.

Eventually, I could not go to Toronto or Otawa.
What a pity again!
How I wanted to have a look at GG's chair!

On Thursday,
there was a concert by the University of Montreal student,
which Paul kindly let me know,
but I missed it.
I wanted to talk over coffe with Paul in Montreal about GG,
if Paul doesn't mind,
but I could not find the timming....

I missed the concrete opportunities but
I enjoyed atmosphere of Canada.
Canadian people are 'innocent' in a constructive meaning, I think.
In addition, I could feel how 'The Idea of North' came out.

Anyway, thank you for the information again,
dreaming the days I can visit Toronto, Otawa, and Montreal again!

Those who have a plan to have a transit at US airports
are strongly recommended to avoid the transit in the US.
On my way home,
I had to have a transit at Los Angeles,
but it took a lot of times,
and actually,
my laggage was delayed to be passed to the airplane to Japan
and is comming tomorrow.
I had to face US immigration at the Montreal airport.
It took time.
At LA airport,
queueing to pass the security check was extended to outside the building!!!!
I could use the priority lane
but if not, I may have missed the plane.

Mikihiko WATANABE, PhD
Tokyo, JAPAN
Mobile Phone 070-6432-6250

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