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Re: [F_MINOR] OT: Help! Anybody got any GOOD Xmas music?

>In a message dated 12/12/2003 6:19:26 PM Mountain Standard Time,
>bobmer.javanet@RCN.COM writes:
> > What do you like? What do you recommend?

I really can't think of anything that lifts me more than Glenn playing Bach. In particular the French and English Suites, the Partitas, Inventions and Sinfonias and of course the Goldbergs. Despite a bereavement that has somewhat dampened the time of year, these recordings that have been with me for 20 or 30 years can enhance the Joy of Christmas yet also deliver some relief from sadness and belief in a better future. All relevant emotions at this time of year.

I do find the great Masses such as Bach's B Minor and the Requiems of Mozart and Brahms particularly moving at this time.

On a lighter note I must confess a penchant for a touch of Country music (groans all round, I suspect) and Dwight Yoakam's "Come on Christmas" album will get spun a few times. "Chesnuts roasting.." in Nashville! Well maybe.

So  very Happy holidays to all F Minors

God Bless you, and I just heard they caught Saddam Hussein. It must be Christmas!

Christmas Tree

Peter Lyon

London, England

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