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Re: [F_MINOR] Gould transcriptions


I see the Siegfried Idyll has been published.  I find
it very strange that the Glenn Gould Foundation is
having Gould's music published in Germany when we have
excellent music publishers right here in Canada.
Surely there is more interest in his music here than
in Germany.  I have bought some of it.  Needless to
say it costs more than music which has been published


 --- pzumst <pzumst@BLUEWIN.CH> wrote: > I for one
can't read scores but...
> check out http://www.schott-international.com
> the main site is in german but they have a link for
> english users.
> wagner is there, couldn't find ravel.
> if your friend is really desperate he should contact
> the Glenn Gould
> Foundation at
> www.glenngould.ca

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