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[F_MINOR] List artits called

By the way,


Mary Jo, you gave me an idea with your game. I’m not thinking of another game, but I’ll take the point, with your permission, because I’m curious to know how many artists we are attending the list. I mean, everybody who draws, paints, sculpts or anything else, and of course everybody who plays an instrument.


I think it would be nice to know each other a bit more and share our feelings, our points of view, maybe our works? I guess it would be very instructive anyway.


My second portrait of Glenn is achieved, I’m going on the next one! I’d like to draw him in different attitudes and at different ages, but I need more practice on his physical features. If you have not yet, go watch the portraits available on the National Library site, they’re pretty good. Here’s the link: http://www.nlc-bnc.ca/glenngould/m23-310.3-e.html


I’m eager to know if there are other people who also made portraits of Glenn.


Thank you.



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