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Re: [F_MINOR] List artits called

I haven't seen an answer this post so I'll start.


I am a chemist by trade and education, but I spend much of my time pursuing artistic endeavors. I am always looking for new ways to express my creativity and I prize originality above all when I partake of the work of others. My "artistic" endeavors include, but are not necessarily limited to:


Chemistry (believe it or not the key to success in my field involves the creative side of my brain much more than the scientific / logical side of my brain).


Music - I play the piano and harpsichord (not so much these days as I don't have access to either very much), I have also studied the violin which I play rather badly and taken some conductors training. In years past I have dabbled in composition as well. I hope during this year to get back to playing the piano and have set as a goal by year end to learn and perform Beethoven's "Les Adieux" Sonata. Years and years ago (18 +) as a lad in high school, I got to conduct in rehearsal Schubert's b minor unfinished and Beethoven 5. Pity I wasn't given the time to work these pieces up with the orchestra and perform them publicly. If I had a career choice to make, this is what I would really like to be doing. Alas such jobs are rare and hard to come by. Harder if you don't have the educational paperwork and pedigree I am afraid.


Photography - I have spent more of my energies lately on photography. This is a fairly new area of interest for me. I have taken some pictures at the Outer Banks of North Carolina that I am quite proud of. I just got a nice 5.25 MP digital camera for Christmas and am learning all new techniques of digital photography. If we are sharing works of art, I would be glad to submit some of these for viewing.


Film making: I have been doing this on and off using my amateur equipment for the last few years. I am getting more adventurous as time goes by and this has enabled me to watch modern film with a greater appreciation of the directors and cinematographer's art. It started for me when I had some of our old family super 8 movies converted to video. Our Super 8 film had no sound and I found that watching 2 hours of movies with no sound whatsoever was very tedious. Especially since some of the movies were shot by my father on the carrier USS Independence. He was allowed to shoot footage of planes taking off of the flight deck and even and Saudi prince visiting the flight deck. My father told me the Prince got to see a demonstration of the ships guns while he sat on the deck eating popcorn. He was not allowed to film this part of the visit however. I digress. Before I gave the video to my father for his birthday, I added some titles and spent hours and hours editing the film and carefully selecting music appropriate to accompany the footage of the ship, his trips to England, Jamaica and Cuba. Years later, I reworked the film to include footage from my childhood. This inspired me to attempt my next project of showing old family photos in a slide show on video. Some of the photos I used dated back over 100 years. Anyway, I took a cue from GG and sequenced the photos in a way suggestive of sonata - allegro form meaning an exposition, with a theme and sub theme, a codetta, a development group and a recapitulation and coda. The music consisting of Beethoven, Chopin and Debussy was also arranged to fit this sequence and the ending looks and feels like a musical coda. I have since shot some short films for my Church (I am Moravian) and even done a (highly experimental for me) "film" on Gustav Mahler based on the photos from Gilbert Kaplan's Mahler album and William Malloch's radio documentary "I Remember Mahler". The Mahler film needs some work as its 2 hour length makes it a bit tedious, but like Mahler and Bruckner I think in large scale and can't bring myself to cut it down. I would love to redo this in a fashion reminiscent of a Ken Burns film where various people read accounts of their meetings with Mahler. Norman Lebrecht wrote a wonderful book called "Mahler Remembered" in which he compiled a book full of personal recollections of people who met Mahler. Some of these are quite interesting. One such account is by Rachmaninov who's own account of his collaboration with Mahler differs quite strikingly from the account of some members of the NYPO. An interesting study in perspectives.


I try to be artistic in just about all of my endeavors. I have been extracting much of my large CD library to MP3 files and burning them on CD. This allows me to take a lot more music with me when I travel. I have reduced about 2/3 of my library down to about 50 CD roms. Anyway, I got idea of using photos of old vinyl album covers to decorate the labels for these discs and have been busy collecting vinyl cover art photographs from the internet. For example my MP3 disc of GG's Beethoven Sonatas includes photos of all of the original vinyl album covers when these recordings were originally released. I think art is where you find it. I try to find it or make it as much as I can.




Eric Cline

Sr. R & D Synthesis Chemist
P.O. Box 13582
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
Phone: 919-990-8116
Cell: 919-949-5191
Fax: 919-767-8506


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Subject: [F_MINOR] List artits called


By the way,


Mary Jo, you gave me an idea with your game. I'm not thinking of another game, but I'll take the point, with your permission, because I'm curious to know how many artists we are attending the list. I mean, everybody who draws, paints, sculpts or anything else, and of course everybody who plays an instrument.


I think it would be nice to know each other a bit more and share our feelings, our points of view, maybe our works? I guess it would be very instructive anyway.


My second portrait of Glenn is achieved, I'm going on the next one! I'd like to draw him in different attitudes and at different ages, but I need more practice on his physical features. If you have not yet, go watch the portraits available on the National Library site, they're pretty good. Here's the link: http://www.nlc-bnc.ca/glenngould/m23-310.3-e.html


I'm eager to know if there are other people who also made portraits of Glenn.


Thank you.



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